Every time that a wish is fulfilled, ‘The Tree of Wishes’ mysteriously grows another bell on its trunk. It is very sacred to the Coddle-Poppers because so many dreams have come true. You only need look at all the bells on the trunk to see how magical it is.
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Tree of Wishes
Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.

By special request, the Coddle-Poppers are now working out how to make the same magic from ‘The Tree of Wishes’ also work for us humans, so keep an eye to the website for when the Coddle-Popper Tree of Wishes will be available for us all to join in and share the wishes too.
Any recipient of a magical wooden coin with 'One Special Wish'; on behalf of Coddle-Poppers all around the World, we salute you and thank you for the gift of kindness that you share. Please know that your kindness makes a difference and helps to make the World a better place. May you always be blessed in all that you do.

Here's what to do next in order to make your special wish: Please send an email to this address coddlepoppers@thelandofthelittlepeople.com with the subject title 'One Special Wish', complete with the following information:

1. Your name (in order that the Coddle-Poppers know who the special wish is for). It can be as little as first name and initial. ie John B.
2. Where you're from ie, City, State or Country or all 3 if you're not shy.
3. The unique number/code on the coin.
4. The act of kindness that you did in order to have received the magical coin and most importantly...
Why so many questions you might ask? Quite simple really. These details are so that each coin can be tracked wherever it goes around the World and each person will be able to see how much kindness their little coin collects as it goes about its journey. Good fun huh? Thank you once again for making the World a wonderful place and together we'll 'Change the World - One Act of Kindness at aTime'.

For more FREE fun stuff and explanatory videos to explain in more detail how the 'one special wish' works please visit:

Please remember that the Coddle-Poppers will need to to receive an email before any wishes are granted. :0)
5. What inspired you to do the act of kindness. Afterall your inspiration may just encourage others to follow your example and do the same again for another. (How cool is that!)