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Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.
Drums Around the World - The Dawn of Time
Date:         Saturday 14th August 2010

Time:       11am Gates open. Wagon rides begin. Angel Walk and Story Trails open
(Labyrinth)   12.30pm Shaman Blessing (Cony Brienza)
                  1pm Drums Around the World 2010 - The Dawn of Time                                                           The World will ‘Drum as one at 1’
                  2pm   Releasing of the Doves (To be confirmed)

Fire Pit)      2.30pm Crystal Workshop. Presented by Dana Brouwer.
                  3pm Shamanic Journey Work (Cony Brienza) Bring your drum
                  4pm Drumming exhibition by Nate, Cesar, Doug and Mary Jane. All                      welcome, bring your drums.

Medicine     5.30pm   Shaman Blessing (Janice MacMillan)
-Wheel)       6pm 100 Drum Ceremony (Cesar, Doug, Nate & Mary-Jane)
Fire Pit)      7.15pm  Laughter Yoga with Penny Lighthall.
                  8pm   ‘Guitar-Yeehar’. A jamboree with Blake & the boys.
(Bring your guitars and join in)
Labyrinth)   8.30pm onwards Candles and Prayers at the Labyrinth
                   9.30pm Drum & Light Show, bring your drums
                  10.30pm Laser Light Show

Also:      Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel, Wagon Rides, Story Trails, Moon Dial, Pony Rides, Face Painting and Angel Walk ongoing throughout the day.
Medicine Wheel:5.30pm, Janice MacMillan will complete the Medicine Wheel with a special Shamanic Blessing where it will be followed by a 100 Drum Ceremony and everyone is welcome to bring their own drums and join in too. Last year we had close to 300 drums around the Labyrinth and the energy was amazing!
Labyrinth:The largest of its kind in New Brunswick. It is dug into the ground and approximately 120ft wide. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to the centre and by the time that you have walked to the centre and back out, it is a distance of just under 1.5km. The labyrinth is for walking meditation and healing. The difference between a Maze and a Labyrinth is that you go into a maze and expect to get lost, whereas you go into the Labyrinth to find yourself. To get the most from the Labyrinth, you need to be quiet and undisturbed.
Drums Around the World 2010 - The Dawn of Time: Following a Shamanic Blessing by Cony Brienza, Nate Miller, Cesar Morales, Mary-Jane Hansen and Doug Rigaux with their friends will lead us at 1pm to initiate ‘The Drums Around the World 2010’. Please bring a drum or musical instrument to join with us for this very special occasion.
Canada will lead and unite the world for 24 hours, in drum rhythm and healing prayer as the Earth turns one full cycle. (see our 8000 Drums page) The World will drum as one at 1.
In this action we intend to highlight the need to look after our Earth and put the healing energy produced by the rhythm to good use by fulfilling a 500 year old prophecy in order to boost a need for more global awareness and peaceful action as part of the healing process for our Earth.
If a prophecy is fulfilled, there is hope, we only have one Earth and what is life without hope. Our legacy for our children is our choice today. Even a thousand mile journey begins with the very first step and the first step is always the hardest. Isn’t it always better when you don’t have to take that step alone?

Everyone is invited to join us on that very first step as part of this Earth changing experience. If you do not have a drum, use a percussion instrument. Don’t forget to register on the previous webpage in order to get a certificate to remember this once in a life time experience.
Festival of Hope & Healing:If you would like to have a stand, please email us: .You should bring what table, chairs or sun canopy that you may require. Further details can be obtained from us.
Crystal Labyrinth:Everyone is invited to bring along a few crystals as a gift to the Labyrinth. It is our intention to eventually have over one thousand crystals buried in the walls of the Labyrinth in order to claim to be the Largest Crystal Labyrinth of its kind in the World!

Our reason behind the 1000 crystals is to further increase the healing energy of the Labyrinth for anyone who wishes to use her whether they’re here for a retreat, spiritual workshop or for some healing.

As you walk the Labyrinth, you are invited to push your crystals deep into her walls wherever you feel drawn. It can be in memory of a loved one, a gift of gratitude or a thank you for an answer to a prayer. Make it a special treat for yourself so that there will always be a memorable reason to return each year to walk the Labyrinth and feel rejuvenated.
There are four main components to the Angel Walk, they are: The Angels (obviously), Ascended Masters, Power Animals and Elementals.
Each station allows you to ask yourself questions and see what intuitive feelings and thoughts you may have. Shelley will then be on hand at the end of your walk to answer any burning questions that you may then have.
To learn more about the Angel Walk experience and what it can do for you, please visit Shelley’s website. It is interesting to note that Shelley also plans to hold ‘Fairy Reiki’ workshops for us here at Once Upon A time later in the year. You can either register your interest either with us or her.
Angel Walking Trail:Because of it being such a big day and that the labyrinth will be available to everyone, it may be difficult to get enough peace in order to quiet the mind, Shelley Ling has cleverly created an ‘Angel’ walking trail in order to allow yourself a bit of quality quiet time.
Shelley Ling: is a diverse wellness practitioner with vibrant energy.   Always having a special connection with the angelic realm, Shelley developed her abilities as an ANGEL THERAPIST with certification by Doreen Virtue.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher with special training in Gold Reiki (Spiritual Awareness) and Fairy Realms Reiki which allows children, of all ages, to connect with nature and themselves. Shelley has also received training in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Reflexology, and Educational/Nutritional Self Care.
Nate Miller: Nate Miller: We are honored to have Nate on board as drum coordinator for the day. Nate is a record producer for Emanate 7, he makes cool, ambient, music CD’s. He is on a mission to show people the power of drumming through drum circle workshops and concerts. ( )
Look out for his star growing brighter by the day.
Cesar Morales:We're privileged to have Cesar Morales lead the drums again. He has had award winning success with his own band. He has conducted several hand drumming workshops for the Fredericton Jazz and Blues Festival, He is now the music band director at Nashwaaksis Middle school and won several awards there too. He has conducted a skit at the Fredericton Playhouse for the show 'Celebrate Africa'. He even has his own CD, where as a soloist he performs all the instruments and vocals. (Harmonising his own lyrics)
Doug Rigaux:Doug Rigaux divides his time between his twin passions of drumming and woodworking, since 2000 he has been studying West African rhythms and styles. When in Calgary he performs with "Batafon", in Toronto working at building drums at African Drums and Art Crafts on Dundas Street. This fall he will be teaching West African rhythms in Fredericton. He is available for performances and workshops, and is very happy to be involved ‘Drums Around the World - The Dawn of Time’.

Nate, Cesar and Doug will be giving drumming exhibitions at various times throughout the day at the fire pit.
Cony Brienza:  coaches and consults with transforming organizations and individuals in a time of high change. She is known for her ability to listen deeply to her clients, to ask questions that spur thoughtful shifts in behavior and to support her clients as they discover the meaning of the “revolution within”.  She has been a Drummer since she was 10 and has been facilitating Shamanic Drumming Workshops in New Brunswick for 15 years.  She can be reached at 506-635-5827 or via email at"

Shamanic Journey work:  is available to all of us. We simply acknowledge that all of us can enter the alternate reality, coming and going at will. Cony will lead the group in understanding Shamanic Journey work as taught by Michael Harner who is praised for bringing these ancient ways back for our understanding in our time. Cony will use the sound of the drum to carry us into an altered state.

Penny Lighthall:  A Life Coach/Intuitive Healer.  She has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Philosophy, and has been doing Rune Readings for the past 15 years.  She’s written her own interpretations for the Runes, with the guidance and assistance of Spirit, which has created a loving, gentle, and compassionate set of Rune interpretations.  In her Life Coaching business, she primarily assist women in transition.  She guide’s, assists and offers support and acknowledgement using her intuition with the assistance of Spirit.  She does work either on a One-to-One basis or in creative group workshop setting.
Laser Light Show: Cesar, Nate, Mary-Jane & Doug will have their African Drums on microphones to initiate colored lights against the trees as a back drop to the Labyrinth illuminated by candlelight. Everyone is invited to bring your drums to join in and play with us. We shall be finishing off with music and lasers as an awesome climax befitting the end to an amazing spiritual day that you will not want to miss! Expect a late night.
Laughter Yoga: is a series of movement and breathing exercises designed to stimulate laughter and cultivate an ‘inner spirit of joy’.  Penny Lighthall’s Laughter session lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes: a vocal warm-up, simulated laughter exercises and games, gentle movement, deep yogic breathing, humming, and a laughter meditation.  Be prepared to laugh as you have never laughed before, and feel refreshed, invigorated, relaxed, and reconnected to your inner child through joyful playfulness.
Guitar Yeehar:Everyone is invited to bring their guitars and instruments to join Blake and the boys for a good old fashioned jamboree beside the fire pit. Every level of experience is welcome. Please remember to bring your own folding chair too.
Children’s Activities:Story Trails, Wagon Rides, Face painting, drumming, Pony Rides and if that doesn’t tire the little darlings, bring a drum or a tambourine for them to join along with us for a day packed full of drumming. (… where it doesn’t matter how much noise they make. LOL)
Labyrinth by Candlelight: Please bring a candle in a glass jar and prepare a special prayer for a loved one that you hold dear to your heart. This unique occasion is where your love and prayer with be mixed with the positive healing energy of the Crystal Labyrinth. Love and Healing Energy are the most powerful of all God’s gifts.

From 8.30pm onwards we will invite you place the candles around the Labyrinth where you can see them as you sit and enjoy the Laser Light show in order to be able to reflect on all the wonderful things that you have to be grateful for.

For some, it may also be a time for letting go.
Wagon Rides:The John Deere tractor, plus Cindy and Sara, the Clydesdale Horses will run throughout the day, stopping only for the ‘Drums Around the World - The Dawn of Time’ event and the Medicine Wheel Opening Ceremonies. (Although very similar, this is not the ‘Coddle-Popper Express’ package)
Lisa Porter:       
All the Coddle-Poppers at Once Upon A Time have a very special place in their heart for our Lisa. She is responsible for the lovely map of the walking trails and her magical artwork that illustrates the capers that the Coddle-Poppers get up to at Once Upon A Time. As well as freelancing her illustration skills, she will also be face painting for us too. She is currently working on illustrations for an upcoming Coddle-Popper book about ‘Thomas Tipsy Tippleman’, the Official Brew-Master to none other than the Coddle-Popper King himself.
She is also an up and coming entrepreneur of a business called The Urban Recyclist (website coming soon: . This involves the recycling of used furniture into new and intresting creations to beautify your spaces. There is also much other recycled artwork and critters to come! She can be contacted at .
Refreshments:    Various fund raisers with food stands.
We also have many beautiful places for a picnic too.

What to Bring:   Drum, money, smiley face, family, crystals, drum, friends, folding chair, another crystal or two, bug spray, drum, wet wipes, candle, sun cream, picnic, camera, friends, smiley face, outdoor shoes, joyful heart, picnic blanket, flash light, more friends, warm clothing for the late evening as it may get chilly when it gets dark …. did I mention to bring your drum too.

Safety Notice:It may be dark when you leave to go home, so bring reflective clothing and a flash light in order for you be able to make your way back to your car more safely. (Be safe, be seen) When leaving, please drive slowly and carefully as others will be walking back to their own car’s too.

Disclaimer: Whilst we have made every effort to make your day as exciting and entertaining as possible, the land owners and event organizers will accept no responsibility for any accident, injury, damage or theft of property.
Directions:It will be ‘Labyrinth’ sign posted from Stanley, but follow the Route 107 road signs towards Bristol. We are about 6km from the Williamsburg sign on the right hand side. (1996 Route 107) You can’t miss the big ‘Once Upon A Time’ sign.
There is no wet weather plan, this event will still go ahead regardless.

We will be asking for a $5 donation towards sharing the costs involved to host this unique spiritual event. Parking is free.

Please support this event and down load/print off this poster to advertise this event in your area. (Click button)

Crystals:Karen, Jennie, & Brenda Marita of . will bring the best part of their wonderful little store and have an amazing selection of crystals and all kinds of other spiritual goodies to get excited about. There will also be a 30 minute presentation of the wonderful healing properties of crystals, the many different types that there are and what each type does. Everyone welcome.
Overnight camping:   If you want to make the most of your weekend at Stanley, our friends at the Tay Creek Folk Festival (also in Stanley) have offered us inclusive overnight camping with their $10 Festival ticket whether for the Friday or Saturday night. . Make it a full weekend in Stanley and check out the Third Annual Tay Creek
Folk Festival. August 13, 14 & 15 2010.
Overnight camping here at Once Upon A Time is available for a $5 donation on the Saturday night only, for those wishing to make the most of all the healing energy at the Labyrinth. It will only be available for those who have booked by prior arrangement due to insurance purposes.
For bookings, phone: (506) 367 1801

Stanley has two family restaurants for those wanting a hearty breakfast.
Story Trails:Find out all about our loveable pint sized friends, the Coddle-Poppers. Learn what they do at Once Upon A Time, and some of the antics that they get up to.
Place:        Once Upon A Time
                  1996 Route 107
                  NB, E6B 1X2
We are very pleased to partner up our ‘Drums Around the World 2010 – The Dawn of Time’ Global Event with Earth Healing Day to make the occasion even more special.
Join us on