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Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.

Come and learn how the Coddle-Popper uses the Moon Dial device to locate the exact location needed to bury his treasure.

For countless centuries or maybe longer, the Coddle-Popper has faithfully buried his treasure at the end of the Rainbow. The treasure is a gift of gratitude from the Coddle-Popper to Mother Earth as a thank you for being blessed with so much good health, unlimited amounts of fine friends and the luxury of always being able to go to sleep with the comfort of a full tummy. Yes sir, no tummy rumbles keeping him awake and you know how frustrating that is, yes sir, most frustrating indeed.
Moon Dial
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As time rolled on and with tales passed down from generation to generation during bedtime stories, the secret of the treasure at the end of the rainbow is no longer a secret any longer. No Sir! So much treasure has now been dug up by ‘too clever for their own good’ children that the Coddle-Popper has now changed his hiding spot with this very ingenious ‘Moon Dial’ device at the new Rainbow’s End. Yes sir, very ingenious indeed.