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Medicine Wheel
Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.

Coddle-Poppers refer to it as a wheel of the year or the cycle of life, the circle also puts a limit on the limitless, and it symbolizes the container of all that is. Everything in life is either a cycle or a circle. The Earth circles around the sun and the moon circles around the Earth, even the seasons throughout the year have a cycle.

he Coddle-Poppers use the Medicine Wheel to come into harmony with the forces of ‘Mother Nature’ and with themselves, like a personal development system so to speak.
When we first moved here from England, this Medicine Wheel was totally lost and forgotten about because it was completely over grown and buried in the undergrowth.

e found the Medicine Wheel quite by accident when we were clearing the spot to make a nice picnic area.
Things happen in life and everything that happens is neutral, neither good nor bad. For example it might be raining outside and you wanted to go to the beach. The rain does not occur because it wants to cheese you off, no Sir, it just rains because that is what rain does. You are the one that chooses to allow yourself to be cheesed off. The farmer however is delighted that it is raining because it waters his crops. The rain does not take sides just to make the farmer happy either, no sir, all it does is rain because that is what rain does. It is the farmer that chooses to see the positive brighter side of when it rains. So the next time something happens to you, stop just for a second and ask yourself, how do you want to feel, happy, positive and upbeat or negative, down and sad. We each have our own choice. Isn’t that wonderful, we can choose how we want to feel about things. Yes Sir!
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