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Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.

If you believe that you also may have a few Coddle-Poppers where you live, and have a wonderful story to tell about them, or a picture that you have drawn, please e-mail a copy of it to us.

e will present all your stories or pictures to the Elders at the next Coddle-Popper Counsel. Please remember to include your name, age and where you’re from so that the Coddle-Poppers know where to send you one of their ‘lucky wishes.’
Response may not be too prompt as the Coddle-Poppers sure do keep us busy! We do promise to get back to you as soon as we can.
Welcome to
The Land Of The Little People .com
Grenville and Debby Woollacott

nce Upon A Time
1996 Route 107
Williamsburg (near Stanley)
NB, E6B 1X2

hone: (506) 367 1801 (After 6pm)
Everyone is invited to join us for our very special occasion in order to celebrate the Coddle-Poppers very first storybook titled: 'Mother Nature's Guardians Coddle-Popper Chronicles Volume: I' which is now available on Amazon. For more information about this magical event please visit: We look forward to seeing you here real soon!