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About Us

It was only after we had finished moving in that we noticed that we were not the only ones living here at Once Upon A Time Farm.

t first we thought that some of our belongings had got lost in the move between England and Canada, but we later discovered various bits and pieces in very strange places scattered about the woods at Once Upon A Time.

remember one occasion, when we came across Debby’s missing clothes pegs, they were now beneath a very large Ash tree and had been mysteriously turned into a very fancy miniature table and chair set. Something very strange was going on in the woods at Once Upon A Time wood ……
but what?

Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world-One act of kindness at a time.
We are Grenville and Debby Woollacott, and I guess you could say that we never really grew up. We came over from England in November 2005 and fell in love with Williamsburg and its community.
Welcome to
The Land Of The Little People .com
Everyone is invited to join us for our very special occasion in order to celebrate the Coddle-Poppers very first storybook titled: 'Mother Nature's Guardians Coddle-Popper Chronicles Volume: I' which is now available on Amazon. For more information about this magical event please visit: We look forward to seeing you here real soon!