It matters not whether you are on your own at home or part of a big group in a fancy setting. It is for your participation and positive intention that we ask.
Together we’ll highlight the need to look after our Earth.

Thank you. Please click the video link above to see the ‘Drums Around the World’ that was filmed at our Labyrinth Opening Ceremony last year. It was so special. We’d be honoured if you’d pick up your drum once more and join us in 2010 for:

‘Drums Around the World - The Dawn of Time’

If you’d prefer to come here and join with us when we gather around The Labyrinth at Once Upon A Time for the
“Drums Around the World - The Dawn of Time’, then please press the button below to learn more about our very special day.

If you intend joining us at the Labyrinth and you would also like to have a certificate too, you still need to register at the top of this page.
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8000 Drums
Coddle-Popper Creed:
Changing the world - One act of kindness at a time.

Follows on from last year’s successful ‘Drums Around the World - The Canadian Prayer Quest’ where over 75 other Labyrinths, as well as participants from 34 different countries and almost 40 States of the USA joined with us to fulfil a 500 year prophecy.

The story goes that the Prophecy was written on a rock in a cave somewhere in Mexico, over 500 years ago. What makes this story so special is that it is a Sacred Cave and that only the High Priests have ever been allowed to enter it.

The 500 year prophecy states that:

‘When 8000 drums play together, an intense healing for Mother Earth will commence’.

This year ‘The Dawn of Time’ shares its theme with the Grand Opening of our little farm, Once Upon A Time at ‘The Land of the Little People’.

In gratitude, we’d like to initiate ‘The Drums Around the World’ once more, in order to give Mother Earth another injection of love and healing, a sort of top-up like we give ourselves with our annual booster shot.
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The Land Of The Little People .com
Just as last time, everyone who registers will receive a special certificate for their kindness and support to fulfil this wonderful Earth changing experience. You will however, need to have a forwarding e-mail address, where it can be sent.

Anyone with a labyrinth, Medicine Wheel or something equally different or special that would also like to share a picture with us, please drop us an email. Perhaps we could share ideas and stories afterwards.

Each time the Prophecy is fulfilled, there is hope, we only have one Earth and what is life without hope. Our legacy for our children is our choice today.

‘You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow, by evading it today’ - Abraham Lincoln
We have already fulfilled the 500 year prophecy once, and just for the satisfaction that we know that we can, with your support, we’d like to unite the world with love and drum once again.

Everyone is welcome, and you may register to join us from anywhere around the World (see registration form below) to be part of this exciting healing journey.
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Place: Wherever you are in this wonderful World

Date: Saturday 14th August 2010 into
Sunday 15th August 2010

Time: 12pm (Mid-day your own time zone)

Aim: To fulfil a 500 year Prophecy

‘When 8000 drums play together, an intense healing process for Mother Earth will commence’.

Our aim is that, if you could look down on Earth from the stars, you’d notice that as the sun heads westward, and the Earth turns, the drums will just keep on playing. We’re asking you to drum for one full hour so as to pass the drum relay on to the next time zone.

When the Earth has turned one full cycle, the drums will have played for 24 hours! We are asking each of you to give us one hour on your drum and your ‘bestest’ intentions of love and healing.
Thank you for caring.